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“Come on, honey,” Teri said, slipping her arm around her shoulders and guiding her back to Sophie’s bedroom. “Let’s talk.”

“Dev’s grounded from dating?” Sophie guessed, bouncing on her bed as soon as Teri closed the door. Teri turned and looked at her daughter curiously.

“No. Where would you get an idea like that?”

“Mom,” Sophie said with a sigh that indicated she thought her parents should have thought of this by now. “Dev’s old enough to date. I get it. When I’m seventeen, I’ll probably date too.”

“I imagine,” Teri said. She smiled and sat beside Sophie on her bed.

“But he’s not very good at it and he’s not even pretending to listen to Bryan. I mean, come on. If he was a bad driver, and refused to take lessons to get better, you’d take away his car. You know you would.”

“Sophie, honey, I’m not going to take away Dev’s girlfriend. The option is off the table although I see your reasoning."

 - Excerpt from Never Ready(The Lexi Frost Series Book Four)

“Teri’s in New York,” Nicholas began carefully.

“For a couple of days with a guy she’s known for a while but just started seeing. Yeah, I know,” Cassie rolled her eyes at him. “Chill Nicholas, Mom deserves a little at this point.”

“Deserves a little what?” Jess asked, walking in and opening the refrigerator.


Nicholas and Jess both looked to Cassie in confusion; the only difference was it looked natural on Jess’s face. Cassie sighed.

“Drink the milk, Jess. It’s going to expire soon.”

“Oh. Sure.” Jess pulled out a half-full gallon of milk and walked off, drinking straight from the jug. Cassie stepped forward and closed the refrigerator door for him.

“I would swear he was dropped on his head as a baby, but he’s just too cute. There would be a sign.”

- Excerpt from AKA Lexi Frost(The Lexi Frost Series Book One)
“Are you trying to tell me that your little sister is hoping you’ll get back together with your ex-girlfriend?” Macy asked. Dev didn’t miss her voice rising almost half an octave with either disbelief or stress.

“That and the possibility she’s planning to help that dream along. I’m not worried about her fantasy about getting Lin and me back together. Obviously she’ll get over that at the wedding if not before. I may mention it to Lin, I’ll see how it goes. Sophie’s had wacked ideas before and Lin talked sense into her, maybe she can do it again.”

“Dev! I’m not sure I’m good with you turning to your ex to talk your sister out of the idea of you getting back together with that same ex. Can you see my point?”

Dev hesitated and nodded, mostly because he knew Macy expected him to. She didn’t know Sophie well enough to understand Dev didn’t have a prayer of talking sense into her on his own. “All right, I’ll say something to Cassie.”

“Or Flynn,” Macy said, staring him down as if it should be obvious.

“Or not,” Dev answered. She knew where he stood on the subject of Flynn. If Macy wanted him at the wedding – have all the family there to make it perfect – fine. For Dev, that was enough interaction for the year. Of course she was going to want family holidays too, but Dev could probably limit that by arguing they were newlyweds and would make everyone sick. Kenny and Paige and Cassie and Jess were perfect examples of that already. All six of them in a house together over a long holiday weekend might defy some previously unknown law of physics and make the universe collapse into a vortex of rose petals and scented tea lights.

So I finished The Thousand Words Series, moved on to finish Desperate Wishes, and ran into, well, life. That's okay, life happens. It's good to be on your toes and it's better when the day to day is broken up with genuinely interesting distractions. Right? That's my position and I'm sticking with it. Even my blog is suffering with all the new interesting things I'm discovering. As I mentioned before, "interesting" is how I describe things that make me want to swear. Also, it generally refers to something teenager-related. Occasionally my interesting days can be traced back to the cat, but Darth Jingles is usually merely entertaining.

Desperate Wishes took an unexpected turn when I continued writing it. I went back to set it back on track and it took more or less the same path. At that point, the story is what it is and I have to just go with it. No one dies, or hasn't yet, so don't worry about it. Sometimes trying to fix things just makes it worse, especially when a genie's involved. Who knew?

In other news, a friend accidentally convinced me that The Lexi frost Series and Thousand Words Series might benefit from a slight change - editing to give them a PG rating.  Huh. It was just a gentle reminder that, while she liked the story, not everyone wants explicit scenes in their reading list. Okay. So that's on my list of things to do as well.

-Excerpt from Macy's Diary (A Thousand Words Series Book Four)

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