“Come on, honey,” Teri said, slipping her arm around her shoulders and guiding her back to Sophie’s bedroom. “Let’s talk.”

“Dev’s grounded from dating?” Sophie guessed, bouncing on her bed as soon as Teri closed her door. Teri turned and looked at her daughter curiously.

“No. Where would you get an idea like that?”

“Mom,” Sophie said with a sigh that indicated she clearly thought her parents should have thought of this by now. “Dev’s old enough to date. I get it. When I’m seventeen, I’ll probably date too.”

“I imagine,” Teri said. She smiled and sat down on Sophie’s burgundy and white bedspread beside her.

“But he’s not very good at it and he’s not even pretending to listen to Bryan. I mean, come on. If he was a bad driver and refused to take lessons to get better, you’d take away his car. You know you would.”

“Sophie, honey, I’m not going to take away Dev’s girlfriend. The option is off the table, although I see your reasoning.”

- Excerpt from Make A Wish!

I mentioned before that life events interrupted my blog and Desperate Wishes and that is still the case, but I'm getting back on track. Slowly. The cat hasn't been helpful in my efforts either. April showers are making her cranky, which means she's pestering me to keep her entertained. Also, snow. If you think rain makes a little black cat cranky, think of what a tiny primadonna thinks about subjecting delicate toes into a blanket of frozen rain.

So Desperate Wishes  is finally finished, and now it's on to revisions, editing, and beta readers. Fun times.

Also, my little girl is all excited to get bees again this year. We ventured into that last year but, like many new beekeepers, the poor babies didn't make it through the winter. Not to be dissuaded, we're giving it another go with three hives this year instead of two. Honey - real honey not thinned or mixed with rice syrup or contaminated by pesticides or antibiotics - it's great. I imagine I'll delve into that when I start blogging again. Oh, and we found Nimoy. The missing idiot kitten is fine, but she's not ours anymore. More on that another time.

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"I'm a student. All my time is spent devoted to my classes, my studies, and occasionally tutoring to pick up some extra cash. My fish tank and old sci-fi books are the only hobbies I have. You managed to destroy both."

"You should get out more. Find a girl," the genie suggested.

"I found one. She popped out of a jar and now she won't go away." That earned Jeff a venomous look.

-Excerpt from Never Ready