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-Excerpt from Macy's Diary (A Thousand Words Series Book Four)

“Are you trying to tell me that your little sister is hoping you’ll get back together with your ex-girlfriend?” Macy asked. Dev didn’t miss her voice rising almost half an octave with either disbelief or stress.

“That and the possibility she’s planning to help that dream along. I’m not worried about her fantasy about getting Lin and me back together. Obviously she’ll get over that at the wedding if not before. I may mention it to Lin, I’ll see how it goes. Sophie’s had wacked ideas before and Lin talked sense into her, maybe she can do it again.”

“Dev! I’m not sure I’m good with you turning to your ex to talk your sister out of the idea of you getting back together with that same ex. Can you see my point?”

Dev hesitated and nodded, mostly because he knew Macy expected him to. She didn’t know Sophie well enough to understand Dev didn’t have a prayer of talking sense into her on his own. “All right, I’ll say something to Cassie.”

“Or Flynn,” Macy said, staring him down as if it should be obvious.

“Or not,” Dev answered. She knew where he stood on the subject of Flynn. If Macy wanted him at the wedding – have all the family there to make it perfect – fine. For Dev, that was enough interaction for the year. Of course she was going to want family holidays too, but Dev could probably limit that by arguing they were newlyweds and would make everyone sick. Kenny and Paige and Cassie and Jess were perfect examples of that already. All six of them in a house together over a long holiday weekend might defy some previously unknown law of physics and make the universe collapse into a vortex of rose petals and scented tea lights.

I'm relieved to finally get The Thousand Words series finished. They're done. Ebook, print, done.  Whew! Now I have to finish Desperate Wishes,  and that is a whole other headache.

When I started Desperate Wishes,  I had the idea and knew roughly how it was going to go. I have several chapters finished already, that was done before I finished Macy's Diary. That was a necessary mistake. Now that I have Macy's Diary finished, I have to go back and fix details in Desperate Wishes. Just lovely. I know better than this. Overlapping time lines in books is a headache, a hassle, and when it's all said and done, few appreciate the trouble when reading the books. Granted I'm quick to pick apart plots that have continuity issues when I'm reading, but from looking at reviews I'm in the minority. This is why the sequels to Chrysanthemum have been so long coming - converging and overlapping timelines. And point of view changes within those overlaps that make it even more interesting. "Interesting" is what I call things that make me want to swear.

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