"I'm a student. All my time is spent devoted to my classes, my studies, and occasionally tutoring to pick up some extra cash. My fish tank and old sci-fi books are the only hobbies I have. You managed to destroy both."

"You should get out more. Find a girl," the genie suggested.

"I found one. She popped out of a jar and now she won't go away." That earned Jeff a venomous look.

- Excerpt from Make A Wish!

Desperate Wishes (Coming soon)

Flynn Peterson made promises to his wife before she died. She was the only woman who truly understood him, now she was gone and he was desperate to keep those promises. It wasn't looking good. In fact, it would take a miracle.

As Flynn sat in the hospital and prayed - an act he hadn't done since childhood but had become more common as of late - his eyes fell on a necklace someone lost. Picking it up, Flynn noticed the engraving on the back and found the miracle he was looking for: a genie. Or so he thought. With genies, it's never that simple.

I made a few people upset with the last book in the Lexi Frost series (not unexpected but it had to happen) and I need to make restitution. To do that, I needed to finish the Thousand Words Series (I know that sounds odd) to bring that whole storyline to a certain point, so I could create a crossover novel. That crossover will be in this series. The other ones won't acknowledge it because magic doesn't happen in that world. It's been, um, interesting to write. I feel like I'm battling magical forces just to get this done.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Meet Olive

Make A Wish!

Desperate Wishes(Coming...)

Make A Wish!

His uncle’s death prompts strange behavior in Jeff’s father. Only after his father also dies does Jeff find an answer, but he doesn’t like it: a genie. She’s his problem now, and upset that he’s reluctant to use his wishes. Jeff’s uncle seemed to utilize her gifts well, but his father went mad.

While trying to sidestep her irrational tantrums and bizarre mood swings, Jeff learns about why Galila was banished to be a genie so long ago and the guilt that plagues her. And eventually he finds himself daring to make a wish that may be disastrous for them both.

**For those familiar with "Be Careful What You Wish For" this answers questions you might have. It has a lot more genie-mischief than the first book, but the romance is more subtle. Be patient and enjoy the fun.**

Meet Olive

Were you curious as to how Olive got trapped in a shipwreck for hundreds of years? Why did she lose her taste for dealing with humans? When Viv made her own wish in the elevator after meeting the young and handsome Loren, what made Olive withdraw from her? 

A short story about Olive’s previous master and its disastrous conclusion is available for free. 

Be Careful What You Wish For

When seventy-year-old Viv goes on a cruise to start over after her divorce, she finally meets the perfect man. A genie, a wish, and a false assumption on Viv's part lands her unexpectedly back in 1986. She's twenty, in college, and the man of her dreams doesn't remember her any more.  

Even with fifty years' experience behind her, Viv begins making the same mistakes she made before. She also learns a genie's wishes come with insidious fine print. 

A Genie in Your Pocket Collection

The Genie in Your Pocket collection is just that - a collection of loosely connected stories, not a true series. Chronologically, they would go: Meet Olive, Be Careful What You Wish For, and Make a Wish! Logically, I'd recommend reading them in the order they were written and are presented here. Although in fairness, it doesn't really matter. 

Meet Olive is a short story available as a free download. The story isn't truly a romance, just a little insight into Olive's character. You really get to know Olive in Be Careful What You Wish For. That book is definitely a romance, but the heat level is low. The last out is Make A Wish! where we have a new genie, Galila. She's no less trouble than Olive was. In fact, I'd say she's worse.

If you come across a genie and are considering using the wishes he/she grants you, read these first.

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One bag held a yellow bikini that Loren wanted her to get at the store but she had declined. Viv was surprised to see it and held it up accusingly to Loren.

“It’s in the bag, try it on.”

“It’s yellow.”

“So you’re not arguing that it’s a bikini anymore? We’re making progress. You need a new swimsuit.”

“Loren, I’m not sure I can wear yellow.”

He stood up and pulled her into his arms. “I’m pretty sure you can. If I’m wrong, we’ll find something else. That or a nude beach. I can go either way and if you preferred the latter, I promise I will do everything in my power to find you one.” 

-Excerpt from Be Careful What You Wish For

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