-Excerpt from Never Ready

Not quite the end . . .

I left things in an awkward place at the end of Never Ready. I've been told off, so clearly a few people agree with that. I heard you, you win, it's not permanent. I don't mean just that the story continues on with Dev and the boys in Transitions, although that's the direction I lead you. From a traditional point of view, I address lingering questions in the continuing saga. From a 'this is a little different' point of view - well, I can offer something better. 

The thing is: I'm a writer and I think of the weirdest things. Sometimes I even write them. In fact, the stranger the better. So I write contemporary romance, but I also write paranormal - one series with vampires and whatever, and one with genies. Genies are fun. Hey, wouldn't a cross-over novel be fun?

Now remember, there are rules. Unfortunately, I wrote a scene for Never Ready that I decided was simply too traumatic to include. Including what I did was bad enough apparently. I also realized after revising Make A Wish! that some of the rules I created for the jinn were going to be a headache. It was a shock to find a single solution to both problems.

The real problem is that before I can publish the crossover novel, I had to get both the Genie in Your Pocket and Thousand Words series up to a certain point, plot-wise. I'm sorry, but that took a little time. Make A Wish! brought the genies to where they needed to be, but some things need to happen with Flynn and the boys. Drama, always more drama. Then of course my life has to make room for this mess. Don't worry, it'll get done eventually.

Never Ready

If Teri thought her marital problems with Flynn were something the two of them could simply move past, she was being unforgivably naïve. She and Flynn were fine, they confronted their problems and were moving on. However, Teri's son was both old enough to understand what caused their near-divorce, and young enough not to understand why his mother reconsidered.

Now Teri's worried her shy teenager has too much on his mind. Dev's first girlfriend doesn't seem like his type and his friends don't like her. It's not just Dev fighting with Flynn anymore either, the whole house is in an uproar. Teri doesn't have the time or patience for this. She wants a happy, close-knit family; and she has a deadline.

A Thousand Words

Cross-country flights and jumping through legal hoops were not how Teri envisioned her honeymoon, but it was worth it. Flynn’s wonderful. He’s a patient husband and an understanding father. Her son needed a role model and Flynn stepped up to take Dev under his wing. 

The honeymoon’s over early when Flynn’s past starts ambushing Teri after just a few months. It terrifies her, confuses her, then . . . she died inside. She knew who he was before she married him, but she didn’t expect it to hurt so much. 

Her family’s falling apart and Teri is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. Can she overcome the apathy she starts feeling for her new husband? Can she fight the bitterness in her heart? And what will Teri do when she realizes the truth she was hiding from herself?

Flynn's In

Flynn Peterson knew Lexi Frost was different from the first time they met. They were meant to be together, he felt it in his gut. He felt it just as deep when a man she already knew swept in and stole her from him before he even had a chance to get to know her. 

But Flynn was never one to give up easily. Lexi was his future, Flynn knew it. She had a son in a band, Flynn was a rock star. She was a photographer, Flynn had a body women loved to . . . well, she could take pictures if she wanted. Lexi had a secret identity, Flynn couldn’t care less. Lexi Frost, Teri Giles, he just wanted her.

A small deception and Flynn was suddenly spending most of his days at Teri’s house developing her son’s band. He’d get the boys on track, make them stars. He’d teach the girls how to cook. He’d woo the woman of his dreams. But Teri starts questioning his presence, and Flynn can’t lie to her forever. And even as he hopes she’ll understand, Flynn realizes the better man won her to begin with. 

AKA Lexi Frost

Lexi Frost is a successful photographer in a specialty niche: tasteful nudes. All she wants is continuing success and to keep her private life private. She didn't want to attract the attention of millionaire Paul Lovett. And she really didn't need rock star Flynn Peterson to fall for her during a photo-shoot either. Both are persistent but Lexi isn't interested, in part because she isn't Lexi Frost.

Teri Giles has a successful career, two teenagers, and their four friends. Okay, maybe having six teenagers in the house isn’t ideal. And her son’s basement band makes her buy aspirin in economy-size bottles, but she makes it work. Trying to hide an alternate identity and career from a house full of teens is a little chancy, so Teri was ready to scream before attracting unwanted attention. 

Then her worst fear is realized: her cover is blown. In a split-second decision, she takes a chance on one of her suitors after swearing she wouldn’t love again. But Teri isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets...

The Lexi Frost Series

The Lexi Frost series is a steamy contemporary romance saga that primarily follows photographer Teri Giles, professionally known as Lexi Frost. Her life is turned upside-down by having six teenagers in the house (count them - six!) and, of course, men.  This - and the New Adult series that follows: The Thousand Words Series - have contemporary themes, twists, and unexpected problems designed to keep the reader off-guard.

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“Can I ask you something personal?” Teri  turned and looked at Flynn again.

He nodded. “Sure.”

“How long?”

“Oh, love, you’re going to want to clarify that. ‘Long’ is a term that can apply to different units of measurement.” Flynn smiled in spite of himself. He couldn’t see Teri blush in the dim light, but her posture implied it.

“In terms of time. How long has it been since you’ve been with a woman?”

AKA Lexi Frost

Flynn's In

A Thousand Words

Never Ready

+ a note . . .

“Come on, honey,” Teri said, slipping her arm around her shoulders and guiding her back to Sophie’s bedroom. “Let’s talk.”

“Dev’s grounded from dating?” Sophie guessed, bouncing on her bed as soon as Teri closed her door. Teri turned and looked at her daughter curiously.

“No. Where would you get an idea like that?”

“Mom,” Sophie said with a sigh that indicated she clearly thought her parents should have thought of this by now. “Dev’s old enough to date. I get it. When I’m seventeen, I’ll probably date too.”

“I imagine,” Teri said. She smiled and sat down on Sophie’s burgundy and white bedspread beside her.

“But he’s not very good at it and he’s not even pretending to listen to Bryan. I mean, come on. If he was a bad driver and refused to take lessons to get better, you’d take away his car. You know you would.”

“Sophie, honey, I’m not going to take away Dev’s girlfriend. The option is off the table, although I see your reasoning.”

- Excerpt from Flynn's In